"All the world's a stage, and the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts."

- William Shakespeare

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Simple Observations

So I don't have any kids, but I used to be one.

<- See?

And I work at a daycamp every summer - I have no shortage of kid experience, let's put it that way.

Notice that bandaid on my arm?
<- Yeah, that one.

What do you think is underneath it? Or was underneath it...?

It seems like a pretty strange place to put a bandaid... I mean, how much could happen to the forearm of a three year old? Yeah, granted - I wasn't exactly a careful three year old - but I'd be willing to wager there's no physical cut underneath the bandage.

Let me tell you where I'm going with this...

Have you ever noticed how many kids sport this look? Not the messy eating look - although most sport that too; the 'random bandaids littering their arms and legs' look. Often their reasoning behind needing a bandaid sounds a little something like this:

"Somebody pinched me" or "I scraped my arm" or "a pine needle poked me" ... and, of course, other times they just like the new Disney Princess Bandaids so they'll wear them as a fashion statement. Regardless, I'm fairly positive (and completely positive as far as my childhood is concerned) that bandaids are rarely applied to 'real' wounds. The bandaid is always the physical solution to the psychological 'problem'.

I just think it's so refreshing to see how kids think. They're profoundly simple. The way they see it, a bandaid heals wounds so as soon as the bandaid is on, their pain is as good as gone. A best friend can be found in a day and stick with you for a lifetime. A bully's a bully; the world's a playground; the sky's the limit; anything's possible with enough imagination!

I sometimes find myself missing all that - the simple outlooks on life.

Adulthood tries to complicate everything. There's no longer black and white, there are 'gray areas' and 'good' reasoning behind 'bad' behaviour. Bandaids aren't little miracles anymore; they no longer have enough power to make everything okay again. Imaginations are benched. Knowledge has a way of trumping wonder.

Ever been on a bus or subway or whatever and a mom comes in with a baby in a stroller? And the baby's just LOOKING at you and doesn't look away for a good, like, eight or nine minutes. The kid's just watching you, infinitely fascinated with you.

If a baby or toddler does that to me, I'm instantly drawn into their world. The rest of the patrons disappear and all I can do is invest in the kid's day. Usually all it takes is a smile or a funny face and they'll grin from ear to ear - clearly in love with you for that brief moment.

You never see two adult strangers interacting this way. If someone over the age of ten were to watch me unwaveringly all I'd be is creeped out. Kids though, they get away with it. I've never really been able to figure out why. Obvious innocence? Simplicity? I still don't know. But whatever it is, adults don't seem to have it. Which kinda sucks.

Yeah, I miss simple. I want to find it again...

Keep it real (and simple - it could be a nice change)!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just Because...

My family is full of photographers for some reason. I think my older brother is trying to make a career of it - he's got talent, so there's no telling where he'll be going with it. My sister owns a crazy cool camera or two and really likes taking pictures, two of my uncles and my best friend are in the same boat; even my dad is a self-professed photographer. And then there's me. Now, I know I'm no good at people photography... taking pictures of people, that is. I don't even know the name of whatever that is, which has to prove something about my lack of talent. But I love taking pictures of pretty much anything else. And I have a blog so I figure I'm gonna use it to "showcase my talent"... I don't know... I just really want to put up some pictures I've taken over the years that I'm proud of and as a blogger I can do whatever I want... :)

Check these out if you feel like it. I just wanted to feel cool by putting pictures up online like all my photographer relatives. You know...

Oh! I should also mention that I have no idea how to edit these kinds of pictures so these are just straight from camera to computer to blog.

Old Castle window in Germany

Old Cathedral in Germany

(Apparently Europe is ripe for the picturing... just point and click and you've got a crazy photo)

Cool old house in a super small tourist-y village on an island in the middle of the Chiemsee (a river or lake...can't remember which one)

View of Paris from on top of the Champs-Élysées

Disneyland Paris!!

Disneyland Paris!! (at night)

Eiffel Tower (at night)


Florida Sunrise

Bay of Fundy funny rock formation

I'm going to risk the possibility that I'll sound cocky in saying this, but please no one steal my pictures in order to make money. And don't pretend they're yours... But other than that, ... I dunno what else to say. I like posting pictures on posts - it makes me feel like I've accomplished something tangible.

I have to go practice the piano now. Suckdom. Also, I hurt my back snowboarding yesterday and there is no painless sitting or standing position, so double suckdom. But it was my fault for not stretching beforehand I guess. Lesson to all: STRETCH.

Keep it real!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

How fitting that today is Valentine's Day and that just happens to be the theme of my post. Weird...

I know my last post ended with some kind of promise that I would write about the results for the Globes, but there are some promises I just don't feel like keeping... or maybe it's just that promise. Either way, if you're really that interested, you can check their official website. I doubt anyone is that interested though. So back to Valentine's Day.

I'm not a hater but I'm also not a lover of this particular day. I guess I'm indifferent. I won't reject a box of chocolate or better yet, a bouquet of red roses (I'm soooo original. I can't believe red roses are my favorite flower... I mean, grow a personality Lars! Oh well, what can you do?) but I still don't really understand the point for anyone outside of the chocolate and flower industry. It's like Black Friday for those guys!

BUT I don't want to ruin the day for anyone who loves it, so I figured I'd give my rave review of Garry Marshall's new film, Valentine's Day.

I'll start by saying that I have a bit of a bias - I like most of Garry Marshall's work. I mean, come on, Pretty Woman? Who can argue with that? It's for shizzle a classic. But if I can be so bold to make a crazy statement, I think this movie was his best since Pretty Woman.

With an all star cast telling about ten different story lines, it is an entertaining two hours. I went into the theatre expecting to be barely satisfied but I came out really surprised and I'll even admit to some warm, fuzzy feelings too. It was a genuinely good movie. The connections between all the story lines were actually really clever and the characters were so lovable.

I wish I could say more but I don't want to give anything away. I'll just say that this wasn't just another ordinary rom-com. It's an excellent date movie, or a great way to spend two hours with some girlfriends. I can only speak as a girl, but I'm sure guys would find it enjoyable and not a complete waste of time. All the actors did a great job - some were cast in roles I wouldn't have pegged them in, but they definitely held their ground.

So don't just shrug this one off. And this is coming from someone who doesn't even like Valentine's Day (the day... not the movie). I think I'll make one more bold statement before I sign off. Go see this movie - you won't be disappointed.

Keep it real.